Five Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Personal Trainer

You may think personal training is expensive. But honestly, isn’t the value of anything relative to the benefits you gain from it? We pay $5 for a cup of coffee without a second thought…but how much is your health and wellness worth to you? Give me five minutes, and allow me show you the value of personal training with these five reasons.

Reason #1: The Difference Between Knowledge and Application

There’s so much information available out there on fitness – books, magazines, websites, social media, apps, even reality TV. How do you know what’s right for you? Or perhaps you already have a general idea of what you should be doing to get results…but these don’t seem to materialize. Why?

As a certified personal trainer, I have specialized education in evaluating your fitness needs and tailoring a customized program that’s going to help you reach your goal, while having fun in the process. I’ll weed out all the fads and fluff, and focus on what’s right for you.

Reason #2: Workouts vs. Programming

A simple internet search will find millions of free workouts. There are websites dedicated to every kind of fitness and exercise genre under the sun. But there’s a big difference between a workout and a program. Sure, the latest workout on Pinterest to “blast your abs” might get some results, but what about the rest of your body?

There are many ways to get fit, but not every one of them is right for you. A personal trainer will design an individualized program that will progressively and safely get you to your goal over an established time period. Whether your is goal to run faster (or just learn to run), become leaner and stronger, or look better in your clothes – your goal will determine your program. As a personal trainer, I can get you on the most efficient path to meet your individual goal so you don’t waste your time with workouts that aren’t designed for your objective and your unique physiology. Importantly, I ensure that you perform exercises with proper form and range of motion, based on your current ability level. As a result, you’ll continue to progress toward your goals without setbacks from a new injury or aggravating an old one.

Reason #3: Motivation and Coaching

A personal trainer helps you set fitness and wellness goals that you’ll be able to achieve, and helps keep you on track to reaching them. I’m your guide, coach, and motivator for what’s most meaningful to you – from having more energy every day, to completing a marathon.

Even if you have the knowledge to build your own progressive program, you still have to follow through with it to see results. I provide the motivation and accountability you need to stick with your program. Having someone to check in with you between sessions, answer questions and provide feedback can be the difference between success and failure.

Reason #4: Personal Biases

As human beings, we naturally tend to focus mainly on our strengths and ignore our weaknesses. These personal biases can make objective decisions more challenging, and as a result can inadvertently lead to unbalanced fitness and potential injury. A personal trainer will not only ensure any muscle imbalances you may experience are corrected, but also that you’re improving your weaknesses and refining your strengths.

Just as important is the real-time feedback a personal trainer provides. I will give you feedback on your performance and make changes or revisions to your program as needed. Real life setbacks and obstacles such as family emergencies, work travel and injuries can get you off track, but I’ll be there to help you adjust on the fly to handle these challenges and keep you progressing.

Reason #5: Minimum Time – Maximum Results

As an independent personal trainer, I am free to come to you – wherever and whenever it’s most convenient. By working with you at the fitness facility in your office building or apartment/condo complex or a local park,  you save time by not having to drive to the gym, find a parking space, check in, then reverse the process afterwards. We’ll focus on the right exercises to get you to your goal safely and effectively, on your schedule.

Your life is incredibly busy. So we will work together at a time that’s convenient for you. The more convenient we can make your fitness program, the more likely that you’ll stick with it and achieve your goals.

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