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The Five Biggest Exercise Myths

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In my work as a Personal Trainer, I find that many people have some deeply ingrained beliefs about the “right way” to exercise for best results. No doubt these come from the seemingly endless messages we’re bombarded with every day in the media, the latest fad workout or diet, or maybe from what we were taught back in elementary and high school PE class. In this article, I’ll debunk the five most common mistaken beliefs, or myths, about exercise and fitness that I encounter with my clients. Continue reading “The Five Biggest Exercise Myths”

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Are you sabotaging your workout?

Sabotage workout

Are you spending hours in the gym every week and not seeing any results? It just might be that you’ve developed some habits that may be sabotaging your success, without even realizing it. Here are six of the most common workout habits to change now – and see improved weight loss and body composition while becoming more efficient in the process. Continue reading “Are you sabotaging your workout?”

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Breaking Through an Exercise Plateau

Exercise Plateau

Do you find that no matter how hard or how often you work out, you just can’t seem to make any progress? You may have hit the dreaded exercise plateau – and it’s sapping your motivation to continue. What you need to break through that plateau is a change in how you train – something called periodization. Periodization is the smart way to train in any exercise discipline. Continue reading “Breaking Through an Exercise Plateau”

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The Many Health Benefits of Running – And How to Get Started

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Are you a runner? If you are, that’s awesome! Or perhaps you’ve tried running before and given up, or never gave it a chance at all. The truth is that running can benefit almost every part of your body and your mind. It’s not hard to learn, and can be done anywhere, anytime. Read on for more on the many health and wellness benefits of intelligently incorporating running into your life. Continue reading “The Many Health Benefits of Running – And How to Get Started”

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Three Key Reasons to Always Warm Up


You’re committed to a workout program, even though you have to squeeze exercise into a busy schedule. To save time, you skip the warm-up portion of your workout – the main set is more important anyway, right?  Or perhaps you’re late to an exercise class, so you jump right in with what everyone is doing once you arrive. Is a warm-up really necessary?  Absolutely…and here are some important reasons why – plus some suggestions for what constitutes a good warm-up. Continue reading “Three Key Reasons to Always Warm Up”

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Hurts So Good – Why You Should Foam Roll

Foam rolling woman

Foam rolling is one way to perform what’s technically known as “self myofascial release” or SMR. Perform basic SMR techniques on yourself to reduce your chances of repetitive stress injury, minimize muscular imbalances and improve your overall flexibility, function and athletic performance. Continue reading “Hurts So Good – Why You Should Foam Roll”

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The Criminal vs. The Victim – Targeting the source of your muscle and joint pain


Pain illustrationLike any system, the human movement system relies on a complex integration of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints that, when in balance, allow us to move freely without pain. But if one of those becomes impaired, a cascade effect follows where other parts of the system have to work harder and harder, or move in an unnatural way, to compensate for the part that’s not doing its job. Targeting the root cause of that pain (the “criminal”), and actually fixing it rather than dulling the symptoms (the “victim”), is the purpose of what’s known as corrective exercise. Continue reading “The Criminal vs. The Victim – Targeting the source of your muscle and joint pain”

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More about cortisol, the “stress hormone”

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In a previous post, I wrote about two important hormones that affect weight loss – insulin and cortisol. In this article, I discuss cortisol in more depth: its relationship to the body’s stress response, and how it influences fat and protein metabolism and blood sugar levels. Continue reading “More about cortisol, the “stress hormone””