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Five Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Personal Trainer


You may think personal training is expensive. But honestly, isn’t the value of anything relative to the benefits you gain from it? We pay $5 for a cup of coffee without a second thought…but how much is your health and wellness worth to you? Give me five minutes, and allow me show you the value of personal training with these five reasons. Continue reading “Five Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Personal Trainer”

Health and Fitness

The 5 Basic Principles of Fitness

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The best way to achieve optimum results in exercise and fitness is to follow a plan. But not just any plan, such as “I’m going to run 5 miles every day” or “I’ll lift the heaviest weight I can every time I work out.” Your body is an amazing machine that responds to specific stimuli in distinct ways, and your brain is constantly working to protect the body from threats – like way too much stress on the muscles and tendons from continuous all-out hard exercise. Continue reading “The 5 Basic Principles of Fitness”