FAQ on Virtual Fitness Coaching

Q: What is fitness coaching?

A: Fitness coaching offers you a comprehensive, holistic approach to guide you to your personal best. This encompasses everything from the right type and quantity of exercises, to healthy eating habits, to sleep and recovery. Most importantly, as a Fitness Coach I help you develop realistic goals and the most effective strategies to ensure you’re successful.

Q: What is “virtual” fitness coaching?

A: “Virtual” means we meet in person, but online through video conferencing, like Zoom or Skype. As a result, we can work together no matter where you live or work. If you travel frequently, I’m right there with you too – at a time that’s convenient.

Q: Will I get the same kind of workout virtually as I did in the gym/studio?

A: Yes – in fact you may find yourself working even harder. But instead of using weight machines, which aren’t that effective anyway (Read: The Myth of Weight Machines) we use your own body weight, as well as some very inexpensive, simple exercise tools that are extremely effective. Just like in the gym, I demonstrate each exercise for you, then closely monitor your form and technique as you perform it. And just like in the gym, I ask you for feedback on how you’re feeling, what muscles you can tell are working, and if you experience any pain or discomfort.

Q: Is virtual fitness coaching just workouts with you, or is there more?

A: So much more! First and foremost, I customize everything for YOU and your needs. If healthy eating and weight loss are your goals, we may have regular, separate conversational coaching sessions to specifically address the nutrition aspect of your program. (See the Nutrition Coaching page for more details.) You’ll receive a customized cardiovascular exercise plan that you’ll follow outside of our live sessions. You’ll also receive text or email messages from me throughout the week to motivate you to stay on track. And you can contact me any time with questions or if you just need some extra encouragement!

Q: What are some of the biggest benefits of virtual fitness coaching?

A: There are so many! First, it’s incredibly convenient. You don’t have to pack a gym bag, drive to a gym/studio, park, and be there early so you’re there when the current client finishes. Instead, you just put on your workout clothes, grab the equipment we’ll be using (I always text you with this info ahead of time), and set up your laptop or tablet. Second, everything we do is repeatable in your home – so for example, if we work out together once a week, you can repeat that workout on your own with the detailed instructions I provide you. Lousy weather outside? No driving required! And especially with COVID 19, you’re never exposed to the high-risk exposure environment that public gym/studio spaces present, no matter how diligent they clean.

Q: Can I try it out for free?

A: Of course! Our initial conversation, and your first virtual workout session are always complimentary. If you’re brand new to the virtual experience, give it a few more sessions just to be sure. If it’s still not right for you, no worries! But 100% of my clients who have switched with me from live/in-person to virtual absolutely love it. It feels just the same as when we were working together face to face.