I want to be hyper-clear about who I am, what I offer, and why that matters to you. Here are some of my thoughts and approach to exercise, nutrition, and health.

~ Let’s focus more on how exercise makes you feel and move, and less how it makes you look.

~ Fitness coaching should be about so much more than weight loss. More importantly, it should be about support & coaching to help with stress relief, mindset, nutrition, and longevity.

~ Your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life you actually enjoy living. That means if you enjoy exercising five days a week, but you also want to have pizza with your kids on Friday nights, your ideal weight is that where you can do both of those things and feel good about it. Because while being at a healthy weight is important, so is living your life.

~ A huge problem most of us face is comparing ourselves with others…as we see them on social media, magazines and advertising. Don’t compare. Work hard and be yourself.

~ It’s a common misconception that in order to want to do or change something, you must first feel “motivated.” In fact, motivation is the effect, not the cause. It’s the action itself that produces motivation, not the other way around.

~ When you’re just starting, it’s easy to minimize your true potential. But in fact, your true potential far exceeds what feels possible in the moment. You’re stronger than you think you are, and you’ll find yourself proving this to your former self every day.

~ Pursuing perfection is a fool’s errand. Focus instead on simply being better today than yesterday, even if it’s just by one small step. When you work toward “better” you’ll get much further than striving to be perfect, and inevitably failing.

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