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Exercise and Your Metabolism

Many people blame their metabolism as a reason beyond their control for why they are overweight, claiming those gifted with a “better” metabolism can eat anything they want and never gain pound. Metabolisms seem to be either fast or slow, high or low. But just what is your metabolism, then? What role does it play in body weight and body composition (muscle vs. fat tissue)? And how does exercise influence metabolism? Read on to learn more.

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Fat Burning Workouts – Help or Hype?

As a fitness coach, I’m often asked about different exercise routines and their effectiveness. What’s disheartening to me is that so many people are operating under false assumptions – most of them promoted by years of popular media. Case in point: a friend recently sent me her latest exercise routine, which involves nothing but burpees, box jumps, thrusters, and high speed intervals on the treadmill. She said to me, “This is one of my fat-burning sessions. I want to lose weight, so I’m doing this instead of strength training.” While these kinds of workouts do burn lots of calories, and can improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance – they won’t necessarily make you lose fat. Read on to learn why.

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Is a flat stomach really possible?

A recent search on of books relating to the term “belly fat” yielded over 5,000 results. With all that information out there, why is a flat stomach so elusive to so many of us?

Unfortunately, the misinformation so rampant in our society often leads us to believe there’s something inherently wrong with us if our stomach doesn’t look like the artificially photo-shopped images on Instagram or magazine covers. If we believe there’s something wrong with us, then there’ll surely be a line of people out there ready to sell us a magic cure – whether that’s a new diet, a mystery supplement, a bizarre exercise device, or a 10-minute miracle workout.

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How do I get rid of my belly?

This is without a doubt the most frequently asked question I get as a fitness coach – probably because there’s so much information, and misinformation, available nowadays about this subject. Call it the midsection, core, belly, muffin top, spare tire, or something else – we all have one and we all struggle with getting, and keeping, it looking the way we want.

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The Joys of Working Out at Home

Home-based fitness is back in style again – initiated by pandemic-driven gym and studio closures, but now becoming a permanent choice for many because there are so many benefits to working out at home.

A full exercise routine at home really is possible – and more than that, it’s also convenient, flexible and fun. Instead of being limited by your local gym or rec center’s offerings, you can choose just about any type of exercise imaginable – and all on your schedule. Consider some of these key benefits that make working out at home a better all-around choice.

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Strength Training

The Myth of Weight Machines

At any big box commercial gym, you’ll see rows and rows of shiny, sometimes scary-looking weight machines. Whether cable-based or plate loaded, gyms invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on this equipment. The newer ones will even count your reps and display your rest time between sets (okay, that is pretty handy.) The truth is many weight machines are simply not very effective for most people, and can even result in injury. Read on to learn why, and discover more effective alternatives for the best use of your precious time – and even better, don’t require a gym membership!

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Body in Balance

Body balance is so important in our everyday lives, because it represents control. It’s an often overlooked principle of functioning in everyday life. This is true no matter how old you are. Better body balance keeps you upright, makes it easier to move, and helps avoid injuries. It allows you to perform activities often taken for granted, like walking in open spaces without holding onto something, turning to talk to a companion, negotiating steps or curbs without a handrail, walking in grass or sand, or stepping over obstacles. But body balance falls into the “use it or lose it” category, which means it’s important to practice balance, no matter what your age.

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woman walking on fence

Life pulls us in many different directions. Countless demands and responsibilities seem to control us, rather than the other way around. If we don’t get it all done and look perfect while we’re doing it, we feel guilt, shame, and even worthlessness, that we don’t “measure up” and are therefore a failure. If this is you, it’s time to rethink what it means to be in balance.

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Self care and recovery

Active Recovery: Refresh, Restore, Re-energize

Did you know that no matter how hard your workout might be, the real changes happen when you’re not exercising?

The reason is physiological: when you exercise, your muscles actually experience microtrauma – tiny tears in the muscle fibers. Afterwards, “satellite cells” begin to fuse to the damaged tissues to repair the fibers, making them stronger than before. But this process only happens when at rest – therefore making recovery just as important as the workouts you do.

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Meditation is for Everyone

When you hear the word “meditation” what comes to mind? Buddhist monks chanting for hours, new age hippies burning incense, pagan religions? There are so many misconceptions about the practice of meditation, because over thousands of years, people have taken this simple act of sitting quietly and just breathing, and made it into something more. Meditation can be whatever you choose it to be. For me personally, it’s a science-backed wellness practice that really helps keep me balanced.

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