Live virtual fitness coaching is a lot like traditional in-person fitness training, but with so much more:

  • Convenience – it’s easy to fit into your day
  • No drive time – just show up in your living room! (or wherever it’s convenient…outdoors, or a workplace fitness center, for example)
  • Privacy and security – it’s just you and me (and maybe your pet…I love meeting my client’s furry friends)

Customized for you

 How OftenHow It's DoneDetails
Live exercise session(s) with meOne to three sessions per weekOver Zoom If we meet less than 3 times per week, you’ll receive that week’s workout’s instructions with accompanying video demonstrations, delivered to you through a personalized online portal. You’ll do the workout on your own once or twice more that week.
Live weekly coaching conversationOnce a week for 30 minutesOver Zoom, or by telephone if you preferThis is our chance to get more in-depth with a one-on-one weekly conversation. While this usually is focused on your nutrition (read more here) it can also be about your progress, building healthy habits, and creating strategies to overcome any hurdles you’re facing.
Self-guided cardio training programDesigned around your needsDelivered through your personalized online portalCardiovascular training is an essential element of fitness. What this training looks like is different for everyone. I’ll create a program that’s just right for you.
Habit trackingUnique to youDelivered through your personalized online portalYou choose just one or two new habits to work on, and my online portal helps you keep track as you make these positive new behaviors a part of your life.
Fitness and nutrition lessonsOnce a weekDelivered through your personalized online portalThese are short, informative articles about anything and everything fitness, wellness, nutrition, habit formation, motivation, and more.

Want to learn more? Schedule a conversation with me by phone or Zoom, where I can answer all your questions.

Want to try it out first? No problem! I want to make sure it’s right for you before you commit. You’ll have two free live virtual sessions with me before getting started:

  • In our first session, we’ll go through a set of basic exercises that will show me how your body moves. We’ll also talk about your goals and preferences, and what comes next as we start our journey together.
  • The next one – your first actual live virtual coaching session – is also free. This way, you get to see firsthand how great this virtual format is!

Is live virtual fitness coaching right for you?

It’s the best place to start for many people. If you:

  • Are just getting started with a fitness program
  • Are totally new to strength training, or haven’t done it in a long time
  • Need the accountability of regular weekly appointments
  • Enjoy lots of personal attention and interaction
  • Have any mobility issues, prior injuries, or other special needs

…then live virtual fitness coaching is a good fit for you!

Many clients “graduate” from live virtual to online fitness coaching once they feel ready. Learn more about online fitness coaching here.

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