Online Fitness Coaching

Online fitness coaching gives you maximum flexibility combined with expert coaching at a lower price point.

With online fitness coaching, you can easily make fitness a part of your daily routine – no matter how busy you are!

Some of the key benefits of online fitness coaching:

  • Complete flexibility – no weekly appointments or scheduling (with a couple of exceptions…read on)
  • A program that’s built entirely for you – not some generic workouts from an video or magazine
  • Access to your coach (me!) whenever you have questions
  • Weekly e-check-ins through your personalized coaching app
  • Regular live coaching calls via phone or Zoom to keep you motivated and progressing
  • Lower price point than live virtual training

Your personalized online fitness program includes:

How OftenHow It's DoneDetails
Online workouts with video demonstrationsA new workout each week Through your personalized coaching appEach week, you’ll receive your customized workout instructions with accompanying video demonstrations, delivered to you through your personalized coaching app. You’ll do the workout on your own two or three times that week, based on your specific needs and goals.
Live coaching conversationsOnce or twice per monthOne hour session, preferably over ZoomThis is our chance to get more in-depth with regular one-on-one conversations. This might be focused on your nutrition (read more here) but can also be about your progress, building healthy habits, and creating strategies to overcome any hurdles you’re facing.
Self-guided cardio training programDesigned around your needsThrough your personalized coaching appCardiovascular training is an essential element of fitness. What this training looks like is different for everyone. I’ll create a program that’s just right for you.
Habit trackingUnique to youThrough your personalized coaching appYou choose just one or two new habits to work on, and your personalized coaching app helps you keep track as you make these positive new behaviors a part of your life.
Progress monitoring and communicationAvailable 24/7Through your personalized coaching appI'll be monitoring your progress as you complete your workouts and track your habits, communicating with you regularly. You can also reach out to me anytime.
Curated content especially for youOnce a weekThrough your personalized coaching appArticles, recipes and ideas selected especially for where you are right now.

Want to learn more? Schedule a conversation with me by phone or Zoom, where I can answer all your questions.

Is online fitness coaching right for you?

Online fitness coaching is a fantastic option. If you:

  • Have an unpredictable daily schedule, but want consistent, expert fitness guidance that will help keep you on track toward your fitness goals
  • Are comfortable working out on your own, with detailed instructions and video demonstrations
  • Have done at least a bit of exercise in the past, such as with dumbbells, machines or body-weight exercises, or group fitness classes
  • Appreciate personalized coaching and monthly in-person conversations to keep you motivated and progressing

…then online fitness coaching is perfect for you!

To make sure you love online fitness coaching with me, your first week is free! No strings attached.

How to get started:

We’ll start with no-pressure conversation about you – where you are now, what your biggest frustrations are, and where you want to be. I’ll answer any questions about myself, my approach to coaching, pricing, and anything else you’re curious about. Together, we’ll decide what would be the best program for you.

When you’re ready to start, we’ll schedule a free one-hour live virtual session. During this session, we’ll go through a set of basic exercises that will show me how your body moves. I’ll teach you the basics of good exercise form. And we’ll talk about your goals and preferences, and what comes next as we start our journey together.

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