With your personalized online portal, powered by StridistTM you can clearly and easily follow your fitness program every day, track your progress, stick with your new habits, and communicate with your coach! The portal is available online, automatically formatted for whatever device you’re using. There’s also a companion phone app available for Android or iPhone, for when you’re on the go.

Each time you log in, you’ll see what’s on the schedule for today. You can also choose to receive a daily email reminder of everything that’s on tap for the day. Mark each one as completed as you go:


Each week, you’ll get a new Lesson – a short, informative article about anything and everything fitness, wellness, nutrition, motivation, and more.

Habit Tracking

You choose just one or two new habits to work on – whatever is right for you, right now –  and you’ll have reminders to keep you on track as you make these positive new behaviors a part of your life.


Your daily workout is provided in your schedule. Workouts will be assigned to days based on your input, so your program works around your life. Can’t fit it in today? You can always go backwards in your calendar and complete it later.

Strength training workouts include:

  • A list of the equipment you’ll need for the workout (if any)
  • A full warm-up
  • Step-by-step instructions for all exercises, including video demonstrations and written explanations with tips on proper form, as well as the number of sets, repetitions, and suggested weights.
  • Cool-down stretching

Cardio workouts provide a description of what you’ll do, for how long, and at what intensity. You’ll tell me what you achieved in the workout, to help me monitor your progress.

Progress Tracking

Your portal always shows you what you’ve completed and what’s left to do each week. You’ll also track your weight and body measurements once per month. As your coach, I monitor all your activity and provide you with feedback and encouragement.

You’ll complete an end-of-week check-in questionnaire in your portal every Sunday, to allow you to give thought to all your hard work during the week, and give me feedback on what went well, and what not-so-much. This way, if it’s appropriate, we can modify your program so it’s always right for you!


It’s easy to get in touch with me when you have a question, comment, or just need some encouragement!

  • Message me from within your portal, or even from within a workout or habit
  • Send me an email or text message

I’ll reply in the same manner, or phone you if it’s not an easy answer!

Your personal online portal has lots more features too – these are just the highlights. I’ll make sure you understand exactly how to use all the features before we get started!

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