Your Personalized Coaching App

Your personalized coaching mobile app, powered by EverfitTM keeps you on track every day, from anywhere. It provides you with all you need to know to stay in sync with me as your coach, your training calendar, nutrition targets, and habit tracking.

  • Access and complete your workouts from anywhere
  • Track and complete your new habits
  • Communicate with me
  • Visualize your progress as you go

Here’s just a snapshot of all the capabilities you’ll have with your personalized coaching app. Please feel free to reach out to me here with any questions or to set up a time for us to talk.

When you open the app, the Today page displays what’s on your schedule for the day and what you’ve completed thus far. It’s simple and easy to use.

The Coaching page is where you’ll view past and future workouts and tasks, so you can plan your week. From this page, access your detailed Training Calendar. Tap on any specific workout to view a list of the exercises included.

Something come up and you can’t do your workout today? No problem! Just rearrange your workout schedule in the Training Calendar so it fits what’s going on in your life.

Workouts are super-easy to follow along with. When you start a workout, you’ll first see a preview of everything you’ll be doing. Click on any exercise to watch a video demo and see detailed instructions. Once you start the first section (always a warm-up) you’ll see each exercise and the total number of sets and repetitions and the equipment you’ll need. You’ll also again be able to click on the exercise name to watch the video demo and read the instructions for the exercise.

You can leave comments for me on any exercise, make a note for yourself about it, or even send me a video of yourself so I can check your form.

When you’re finished, you’ll have the opportunity to rate the workout based on difficulty and leave any additional comments. This helps me gauge your progress and know when to modify future workouts accordingly.

Tasks are everything besides workouts that will help you achieve your fitness goal and keep you on track: healthy habits and practices, tracking your body metrics, and weekly “learning” – a short, informative article, a recipe to try, or a new idea – all curated by me specifically for where YOU are in your fitness journey.

Through our in-person coaching conversations, I’ll guide you in choosing the healthy habits and practices you can commit to and master.

Your Food Journal is an additional feature you can use if it’s right for you, and is included in all programs. It’s simple to use: just upload a picture of your meal, add any comments and enter the macronutrient breakdowns (proteins, carbs, and fats). We can also establish goals for macros each day. (Read more about nutrition coaching here.)

If you prefer a more detailed nutrition log, MyFitnessPalTM is a great one – and it will integrate automatically with your coaching app. Each food item, its calories, and its macros will be saved in the background, and display your macro totals.

Communication is key to keeping you accountable, motivated, and progressing. As your coach, I monitor all your activity and provide you with feedback and encouragement. Not only do I review every workout and every task you’ve completed, I’m also working behind the scenes to design your upcoming workouts based on your progress, and curating great relevant content to share with you each week.

Along with our bi-weekly live coaching calls, you’ll also keep me updated by completing an end-of-week check-in questionnaire every Sunday (you’ll get a Task to remind you). This allows you to give thought to all your hard work during the week, and give me feedback on what went well, and what perhaps not-so-much. This way, I’m always on top of how you’re doing and can immediately address your needs.

Want to learn more? Just click below and let’s talk!

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