Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon is an amazing sport – for anyone, of any ability level. And it’s not just about the “sufferfest” of the well-known Ironman distance events.

I specialize in coaching beginner and intermediate athletes in the fun (and realistic!) sprint and Olympic distance triathlon events, which are the most popular, affordable, and do-able multisport events you’ll find.

Here are just a few reasons to “try a tri”:

  • Triathlon training is a terrific way to cross-train. Instead of training in a single sport, you’re working in three – using different muscles and different energy systems. This has tremendous benefits to fitness while reducing the risk of injury. And it alleviates boredom!
  • Triathlon builds strength, stamina, and discipline – both physical and mental.
  • Completing a triathlon provides a sense of personal accomplishment like no other.

Triathlon training is by nature somewhat complex: three sports (swimming, biking and running) plus accompanying strength and flexibility training. As your triathlon coach, I will help you train “smarter” – not harder – and achieve your personal best while balancing time with family, work, and travel and staying healthy and injury-free.

I’ll provide you with a personalized training plan designed uniquely for you: your fitness level, your strengths and limiters, and your lifestyle. Your customized training program will go beyond the requisite running/cycling/swimming, incorporating the often-overlooked disciplines of functional and sport-specific strength; flexibility; and mental training – all of which have a tremendous positive impact on success and enjoyment of endurance sports. I call this “holistic endurance training.”

I’ll ensure you progress safely and effectively so that you are well prepared for your event, and ready for the next one. Just a word of caution…triathlon has been known to be highly addictive!

I offer three coaching plan levels to meet your needs and budget. But whatever plan you choose, I will be personally involved in your training success. Every coaching plan includes these features:

  • An initial one-hour consultation to discuss your goals, your current fitness level, your prior training experience, and your scheduling needs. If you’re in the Denver CO area, I prefer to meet with you in person for this consultation, but phone or video call is always an option.
  • A customized training plan, designed using scientifically proven methods
  • Detailed workouts for swimming, biking, running, strength/flexibility, and active recovery
  • Unlimited email and text communication
  • Periodic field tests to gauge your progress
  • An online training log account

Not sure which plan is right for you? Contact me and we’ll talk about the plan that fits you best.


All plans require a minimum 2-month commitment, paid in advance, with a month-to-month payment option thereafter. Receive a 10% discount with a one-year prepayment.

Important Information About Using a Training Device:

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss whether using a training device (heart rate monitor with/without GPS) is right for you. There are many devices on the market today at varying price points and features, as well as smartphone apps that use your phone’s GPS feature to track your speed/pace and distance. It’s important to keep in mind that in order to most effectively gauge your training results and progress, we need to monitor certain key data elements. Not only do these devices record your workout data, you can also use them during your training to make sure you are working at the right intensity I’ve prescribed for you for a particular workout.

The most basic data elements are:

  • Heart rate
  • Speed (bicycle) or pace (running/swimming)
  • Distance
  • Duration

Another valuable data element is “power” – currently available for cycling using a special power meter device that attaches to the bicycle’s pedal(s), crank arm(s), chain ring, or wheel hub.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about training devices.



What is an online training log?

I use Final Surge online training planning and logging software. When you log into Final Surge you’ll see your calendar with your training plan for the week/month ahead with all the workouts by sport that I’ve designed for you. You record your results of each workout completed either through direct entry, or preferably by an upload of your workout data from your training device. I’ll use this information to analyze your training and adjust your plan if necessary. You’ll also see many different charts and graphs displaying your progress. While Final Surge is very user-friendly, I will give you all the help you need to use it effectively.

What is field testing?

Field testing is used to establish a benchmark – where you are right now – and then subsequently to measure your improvement. Field tests are short duration “time trials” to measure your speed/pace and distance over a short time period (8 to 10 minutes) or distance (e.g. 100 meters swim). I will provide you with instructions for completing each field test, and you’ll let me know the results.

I don’t have a heart rate monitor – why do I need one, and what’s the best kind?

See the notes above about using a training device. A heart rate monitor provides valuable information to ensure you are working at the right intensity – hard enough or easy enough – for the prescribed workout. Training at the proper intensity is crucial to ensure you get the results you want, without overtraining. We will discuss the use of a training device during your initial consultation.

What’s included in the training review discussion?

We’ll discuss the results of the training you’ve completed over the last period (monthly or more frequently depending on coaching plan). I’ll explain where you’re doing well and where there may be changes needed to the plan. In addition, we’ll talk about any other concerns you may have, any adjustments needed to your plan for family/work/travel obligations, or anything else that’s on your mind!

What is a live virtual training session?

I take a holistic approach to triathlon training. This means it’s more than just swim/bike/run. It’s also sport-specific strength training, flexibility training, and nutrition. Your live virtual training sessions are customized for you, and where you are in your training cycle. These sessions can include anything from a run, swim, or bike-specific strength training session, to an indoor trainer bike workout, to a nutrition coaching session. We meet virtually via Zoom, Skype, or another video conferencing platform you prefer.

What is race planning and results analysis?

I’ll help you prepare for your goal race by helping you understand the course, and the most effective strategies to employ during each leg of the race to ensure you finish strong. After the event, I’ll analyze where you were strongest and where you could benefit from specific training to continue to improve.

What is race day support?

If your race is in the Denver/Boulder Colorado area, I’ll be there with you at your goal event to answer questions, help you with your gear, calm those pre-race jitters, cheer you on, and celebrate with you when you cross the finish line!

What is running form video analysis?

We videotape you running on a treadmill from several different angles. Then I use special software to analyze where you may be able to improve your form in order to reduce injury or eliminate aches and pains you may be experiencing while running. I’ll also prescribe specific strength training exercises you can do to correct any muscle imbalances that may be causing you pain or weakness.