You Too Can be a Runner – Really

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Before you pass over this article, as your mind says “duh, I can’t run because [fill in the blank]” just take a moment or two to read a little further and open your mind to some new possibilities. It’s almost the New Year, and what better time for a transformation? Almost anyone can be a runner, even if you’ve never run before or tried it once or twice and it sucked. Try these tips to get started for real this time, without the angst and frustration. Continue reading “You Too Can be a Runner – Really”

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Why You Should Break Up With Your Gym This January

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Everyone wants to get fit for the New Year. But why do so many people end up making this same resolution year after year? Because they keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. This year, why not use January 1st as an opportunity to “break up” with your gym! Continue reading “Why You Should Break Up With Your Gym This January”