Training for a Marathon

Trail running race

Whether you want to run a marathon for the challenge of it, to cross it off your bucket list, or even to qualify for a major race like the Boston Marathon, it all starts with a single step. When you put together enough steps to cover 26.2 miles, you become a marathoner!  So how do you run a marathon? Read on for some proven strategies of successful marathoners. Continue reading “Training for a Marathon”

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention: Seven Basic Rules


Have you avoided taking up running, cycling or even strength training as a form of exercise because you fear getting injured? You’ve probably known at least one person who “ruined their knees” from running, or overdid it with strength training and couldn’t walk for a week. In fact, your risk of injury can be reduced or even eliminated with these seven basic principles. Continue reading “Injury Prevention: Seven Basic Rules”


Are your feet killing you?

Heel pain

Do you experience anything like this? One day, as you get out of bed and take a few steps, you notice a sharp pain on the bottom of your foot (or both feet). It hurts, but as you move around it goes away. Over days or weeks, you notice your arch(es) hurt every time you put pressure on your foot, but you’re busy so you ignore it. Maybe take an ibuprofen. But the pain doesn’t go away. Now it hurts all the time, not just when you’re walking but even when driving. If you are a runner or fitness enthusiast, the activities you enjoy are now so painful you have to cut back or stop altogether. What is happening? Continue reading “Are your feet killing you?”