Training for a Marathon

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Whether you want to run a marathon for the challenge of it, to cross it off your bucket list, or even to qualify for a major race like the Boston Marathon, it all starts with a single step. When you put together enough steps to cover 26.2 miles, you become a marathoner!  So how do you run a marathon? Read on for some proven strategies of successful marathoners. Continue reading “Training for a Marathon”


What is VO2 Max?


VO2 Max…it sounds like some kind of potentially illegal performance-enhancement supplement you can only get in Canada! Actually, the letters mean V for volume, O2 for oxygen, and “max” for maximum. In simple terms, it’s a measure of the maximum amount (volume) of oxygen the body can effectively put to use during exercise. Why do we care? VO2 Max matters for different reasons, based on your fitness goals: reducing overall body fat, improving performance, and enhancing overall health. Continue reading “What is VO2 Max?”


How to Run Faster: Mental and Physical Techniques

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What is speed? If we’re opening the dictionary, it’s a measurement of the rate at which someone or something is able to move; it also means to move quickly. Speed is both relative and concrete. It’s both an exact measure and a feeling with wholly different meanings depending on the context.

Speed is inexorably linked to time: seconds, minutes, mile splits, PRs. It can be easy to forget the idea of being fast, the heavy breathing, wind-through-your-hair, quad-burning sensation in which runners know they are hitting the ground but feel as if they’re floating.   Continue reading “How to Run Faster: Mental and Physical Techniques”


Don’t Make These Common Treadmill Running Mistakes

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This time of year here in the northern hemisphere, it’s cold, dark, and/or wet outside, driving many of us indoors to the treadmill (or dreadmill, if you prefer) for running. Make the most of your inside running by avoiding these common treadmill mistakes. Continue reading “Don’t Make These Common Treadmill Running Mistakes”


You Too Can be a Runner – Really

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Before you pass over this article, as your mind says “duh, I can’t run because [fill in the blank]” just take a moment or two to read a little further and open your mind to some new possibilities. It’s almost the New Year, and what better time for a transformation? Almost anyone can be a runner, even if you’ve never run before or tried it once or twice and it sucked. Try these tips to get started for real this time, without the angst and frustration. Continue reading “You Too Can be a Runner – Really”

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The Many Health Benefits of Running – And How to Get Started

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Are you a runner? If you are, that’s awesome! Or perhaps you’ve tried running before and given up, or never gave it a chance at all. The truth is that running can benefit almost every part of your body and your mind. It’s not hard to learn, and can be done anywhere, anytime. Read on for more on the many health and wellness benefits of intelligently incorporating running into your life. Continue reading “The Many Health Benefits of Running – And How to Get Started”

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Three Key Reasons to Always Warm Up


You’re committed to a workout program, even though you have to squeeze exercise into a busy schedule. To save time, you skip the warm-up portion of your workout – the main set is more important anyway, right?  Or perhaps you’re late to an exercise class, so you jump right in with what everyone is doing once you arrive. Is a warm-up really necessary?  Absolutely…and here are some important reasons why – plus some suggestions for what constitutes a good warm-up. Continue reading “Three Key Reasons to Always Warm Up”