Over the years I fell off having any type of regular exercise routine. Laurie provided the motivation I needed to become consistent with a workout regimen. She listens to your background and personal goals and is able to create a variety of workouts that incorporate progression over time. (more…)

Kathy Zafian

Laurie is much more than a personal trainer.  She will help you stay motivated, she will hold you accountable and she will design a customized plan for you that will help you meet your goals.  She is excellent resource for all areas of wellness – including fitness, nutrition, life balance and more. (more…)

Jody Hinsey

Laurie created a routine for me that works! I lost weight, am more toned, and have more energy. Laurie understands fitness, nutrition and overall health. She also knows what it’s like to be a professional corporate employee trying to balance it all. (more…)

Beth Campbell

Laurie is an amazing personal trainer, and as a triathlete, she sets a personal example of fitness. Her constant encouragement helped me to reach my best potential. She challenged me to new heights, but made it so fun, that I didn’t realize I was working so hard. (more…)

Melody Nelson

Laurie is genuine and caring. She doesn’t push at extreme levels, yet has exercises that get results. She is very diligent with recording progress and moving things up at a steady, healthy pace.


Jennifer Stenbek