Melody Nelson

Laurie is an amazing personal trainer, and as a triathlete, she sets a personal example of fitness. Her constant encouragement helped me to reach my best potential. She challenged me to new heights, but made it so fun, that I didn’t realize I was working so hard.

Laurie’s coaching style is super supportive, motivating and friendly. I look forward to our workouts because she is always well prepared with a written plan, full of variety, challenging, but not overwhelming. As a teacher, I appreciate how she models the exercises for me so I can learn the correct form.

I initially started working with Laurie when I was preparing to have a total knee replacement. I’d been told for years that I needed to strengthen the muscles around my knee so they could help support it, and in order to be as prepared as possible for the surgery I needed to do that. Laurie was very knowledgeable about how to get those muscles strengthened without pain. Because of our work together, I was well-prepared for my surgery. While the physical therapy afterwards has not been easy, I would hate to think how difficult it might have been without Laurie’s help. I’m very grateful for her knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to help me.

Melody Nelson, Teacher at Lotus School For Excellence, Aurora CO