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Working [out] remotely: the benefits of exercising at home

Remote work – and with it, home-based fitness – is rapidly becoming a permanent choice for many because there are so many benefits to both.

A full exercise routine at home really is possible – and more than that, it’s also convenient, flexible and fun. Instead of being limited by your local gym or rec center’s offerings, you can choose just about any type of exercise imaginable – and all on your own schedule. Consider some of these key benefits that make working out at home a better all-around choice.

No germs. Gyms have always been “petri dishes” despite management’s best efforts at cleanliness. After all, people are sweating, huffing and puffing. In your home, it’s only your own sweat.

Low cost. Gym or recreation center memberships can be costly, and boutique workout studios even more so. At home, you can get a fantastic workout with just some dumbbells, or a set of stretch bands, or no equipment at all. Check out my video demonstrating a quick body-weight only workout to see how challenging this form of exercise can be:

You also really don’t need lots of fancy weight machines to get fit. In fact, these machines may make your exercises less effective or even prone to injury. Read more about this in my article The Myth of Weight Machines.

Flexibility, freedom and privacy. When your home is your gym, you can work out whenever you choose. And you get to pick your own music (or no music at all), and wear whatever you want. No stressing out over how you look compared to everyone else around you. No social anxiety and no judgement over how you look or move (or smell). It’s your time and your private space!

Save significant time. Think for a moment about all the time spent preparing to work out at the gym: drive time to/from home or work, time to park, check in, unpack your stuff in the locker room, change clothes, make your way to the gym floor or classroom, wait for equipment to free up or the class to start…then the whole process in reverse when you’re finished. This can add up to a whole hour or more of time out of your day, in addition to your workout time. If you’re fortunate to have access to a workplace fitness center, you can skip the drive time, but everything else is pretty much the same. When you exercise at home, the only thing you spend time on is your workout.

Staying Motivated

Exercising at home can lead to a complete lifestyle change, where fitness and health become a normal part of your daily routine. But perhaps the most challenging aspect of working out at home can be setting aside excuses and distractions and sticking to your routine.

Here are some tips to stay motivated and stick with your program:

Set up a schedule for your upcoming week. Plan what type of workout you’ll do on each day you’ll be exercising, and block it off in your calendar. If you use a work calendar, block off the time there as well (no need to make it public, though).

Make exercise a priority in your day, and stick to your plan. Remember there is nothing more important than your health! And when you are healthy, your energy level, mood, and overall performance in work and life are at their best.

• Set up a dedicated space at home for your workouts, where you keep your equipment, a towel, your shoes, mat, etc. That way everything’s ready when you are.

• Know that motivation follows action – not the other way around. So if you don’t feel like exercising, try making a deal with yourself to just do it for 10 minutes. If you still aren’t into it, then you have permission to stop. But I’ll bet you won’t. Read more tips about motivation here and here.

• If you’re confused about what kinds of exercises to do to achieve your goals, start by reading my series on how to design an effective workout program:

Part One: Choose the right exercises

Part Two: Progressions

Virtual or online personal training is another great option to get you started, and keep you motivated and continuously progressing toward your goal.

The takeaway:

Exercise is essential to your health, your mood, your energy level, and to living the life you want. So take time each day to work out from the comfort of your home and on a schedule that works for you.

I’d love to help you with a unique program designed for your specific needs and fitness level – and one that fits into your life as well! Contact me here and let’s have a conversation.

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